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Do we launch or retrieve boats off our trailer?

The low loaders we use are very specially designed to carry big boats and will not be reliable if the braking systems & axles are immersed in salt water. Also, the boats can be damaged if not supported properly when being retrieved from the water.

Do you travel overnight with my boat?

No, not usually. If the boat is oversize there are special rules in relation to when boats can be moved into and out of certain capital cities, towns, etc (e.g. non-peak times)

Why don’t you carry small boats?

The size and cost of operating the big trucks we use generally makes it uneconomical to carry small craft. We normally recommend you contact someone who multiple loads for the small boats.

When does a boat require a pilot car to accompany the transport?

This varies amongst different States within Australia. As a general rule, as the width increases, the number of pilot cars/police escorts required (for the very large boats) increases. We always ensure our trucks are running within all of the restrictions and regulations under State and Federal law. Feel free to contact us with any further questions in relation to pilot/escort car requirements.

Why do you need to know the height of the boat?

We realise that this information is not usually provided with any written specifications you may have, but in some cases it may be necessary to measure the height (even if it is only to the waterline if you know the draft). We have height restrictions enforced by various authorities, and obviously, we want to ensure safe transport of your boat.

How should the boat be prepared for transport?

We usually say that a boat should be prepared for transport much the same as if it were going to sea, i.e. anything loose on deck should be stowed and/or secured, anchors should be manually secured in case of winch failure, solar panels/wind generators may need to be removed and stowed, inside the cabin TVs, microwaves, and so on, should be secured so they don’t vibrate off benchtops, etc. We are happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard.

Is it necessary to shrink-wrap the boat for transport?

Generally, unless it is a very long distance trip, the benefit does not justify the cost. Also, if the wrap is not done professionally, it may fail and then it has to be removed to prevent damage to the boat from the wrap flapping around.